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Our Law from this land, we really want to work with the government since we get a heritage, education got to work with us to you know, and we want to see our young people get a job, in our community or any organisation.

Any of the aboriginal kids when they go to school they never get a job. That's why we got to get a Heritage to work through with the gov and look after homeland and community, this is our responsibility.

And also APY, is only a Land council only, and he can't make a little city of APY. They APY Land Council got to step down and call themselves Land Council only. Then Anangu homeland and culture, education, minister, we got to all work together. 

We don't want it, APY Anthro and Land Management running round in the Pitjantjatjara area, Executive can't tell em what to do. Executive gotta be careful with the Law people, we might make action, through with our Law. This is not white mans business, this is our business.

But we happy what we doing with the gov and education, to work through with the law and culture.

We can't keep using APY, we gotta get rid of them, if they're not working with the Law people.

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