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Tjilpii Senior Lawman Mr. Murray George.


Murray George was born in Ernabella mission, in the mission days, 23rd May,1949.
And now i live at Fregon, in my life.
I'm Chairperson for Fregon Community, also i am a board member for APY. I'm also Chairperson for PY Law and Culture and we've got board members for PY Law and Culture at Fregon.
In ASIC days we used to see funding for our community coming direct from the Commonwealth government. And from there, when the Close The Gap came in, they close everything down for every community, Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia, all states. From there we couldn't get it back. The state government put every money through the land council.
Before when the money come into the community council, CDEP and Municipal Service were run by Community Council.
And now it's a 00000, that's why a Tjilpii Council want to talk to Pauline Hanson to help us get the power back, to make it better.
I'm asking, Land Council have to step down and APY executive have to manage administration only, not every community across the land because our Tjukurpa (our law) is still alive, that's why we're using Pauline Hanson to help us.
I've got a long way to go, I'm not finished yet.

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