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The story of people living in APY Land


All Anangu living in the land and they don't know what they are doing. We lost everything for our business. That means budget business, CDEP (Community Development Employment Projects), Municipal Service and that's supposed to be community council using in the community but now we all lost, from every community. When APY Land Council come in and they taken the power from every community, that's why the budget is not coming into our community. Number two organisation, they go over everything from our community and we got nowhere to look after our business.

But we should look after our land very well because the first generation had a land, that's mean we got the power, all Anangu got the power, not the organisation.

Funding for Law and Culture

Our business is most important to us, above all life has to offer.

To pass to the next generation is not an obligation to us, it is as important as eating to survive and we cannot live on our Manta(land), without honouring it.

Today we are facing an organisation here on APY Lands, which does not support our Law and Culture. They give Anangu a bone and expect us to feel nourished.  a Maloo(kangaroo) bone is not going to sustain our Tjukurpa.

Until we are properly funded by the Commonwealth and State governments, we are looking to other means for support.

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