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I attach my Australian day Address as a reminder of the failings of all Australians; except for one.
We, the senior law men of APY lands and on behalf of all our peoples living still on our lands, as white people have described it differently as theirs under SA legislation. It is not call this. It is our ancient “private property” being controlled unlawfully by government and an Executive Board under legislation making decisions that we continue to challenge as not for us; all under white legislation since 1981.
They call this SA legislation a “special measures” because we are thought to be a “race” that comes under this Commonwealth constitutional power.
This “special measures” was meant to be “temporary”. In 2020 it is still over our lands.
The Native Title Act commenced in 1993 is also said to be a ‘special measures”. It is still here with no planned ending.
We are not a “race” for this “special measures” and never were.
We are Aboriginal Australians.
We are not First Nations and other weasel words that try to make us feel good while others continue to steal our lands and waters.
We are Aboriginal Australians that are protected by the Australian Constitution like all other Australians.
Why is it that hard to accept that?
The Australian High Court in 1985 said we are under a SA legislation that is a “special measures”. Our lives and land and waters are now they said controlled by this “special measures”.
The SA parliament in 1981 legislated to treat us, Aboriginal Australians, differently “because of race”.
They are wrong and have always been wrong. We are Aboriginal Australians.
But as I held out the challenge to all Australians in my Australian day Address this year “Who will help?” Only one women from Cape York Peninsula responded on behalf of her Aboriginal organisation.
What is wrong with this country?
What is wrong with Aboriginal Australians? Can they not understand this?
It’s not just about Black Lives Matter. That is a critical message today to all parliaments. That is a national message to all parliaments. It has always been that way since the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, which has not helped; but parliaments and others try to look away as it continues today. We say thank you to all those Australians that have come out in protest.
But also protest that Aboriginal Australians are to be treated by law like all Australians.
Ask why not?
Demand it is.
Law that accommodates our ancient rights under the same Constitution that protects all Australians.
We are not “race” for this “special measures”.
We will challenge this constitutional convenient known lie.
We are from ancient peoples of this country.
We now share our ancient country with others.
Why do they continue to think that because we are a “race” as parliament describes, different from all other
Australians, parliaments can lawfully and racially discriminate against Aboriginal Australians?
There will be no “reconciliation” or this mere national planned distraction called a “constitutional voice” while
Australians and their parliaments accept this “because of race” that treats Aboriginal peoples differently.
The same laws that all others, regardless of “race” is enjoyed but is denied to us “because of the Aboriginal
race”. As Australia’s ancient peoples, we are not and never have been a “race” for the Australian
Constitutional “Race Power” originally meant for an “alien race”; either already here or trying to come.
The Australian Constitution commences with its deliberate “white only Australia” in 1901. It continues today
and “multicultural Australians” think it does not apply to them. It can.
In remembering the lonely struggle by Mabo, one determined Torres Strait islander, who lawyers, although
celebrated dragged his case out for 10 long years
There is no going back to “white Australia” since his win for all Australians on the 3 June 1992.
This legal nonsense that because Aboriginal Australians are a “race” as would be every other Australian still
able to continue identifying as “hanging onto” their own histories of the many countries they have come from,
but are now Australians, even the white “British race”, all must give way to human rights.
We are Australians like anyone else.
But parliaments continue to view us as a ‘race” because supposedly the 1967 Aboriginal Referendum by mere
popular misunderstood voting, place us into the constitutional Race Power that was always meant for an
“alien race”.
We will challenge this legal lie in 2020 on behalf of all and future Australians.
We still hold out that other Australians might help. If not we must challenge alone.
That is our Mabo Day Message.
My Australia Day address was sent right to newspapers right all around the country, the only one that
responded by printing my message, was the Koori Mail.
Murray George



Chairman of PY Law and Culture, senior man Murray George, says they have waited long enough for all Australian government to stop its lies. The International world does not need Australia to continue its national hoaxes called Australia Day celebrations.

Celebrate what, says Murray George, continued unlawful racial discrimination because Australia cannot accept to treat my people and all other Aboriginal peoples as equals; because of race.

Or because under white laws we are now since 1992 and far back, and into the future, land and waters owners like other Australians and should be protected by Australian laws like anybody else.

All Australia governments are illegally ignoring what their own High Court declared to be the common law of Australia since Mabo in 1992. We have the right to possession, use and enjoyment of our lands against the whole World.

Aboriginal peoples owning land and waters that the governments thought they could either just take or ignore created a national panic? Australia remains what was said in 1978, that they have always been so far by choice; a people without integrity, not a nation, but a community of thieves.

We remain by white Australia choice, to not be protected and live under the same laws as all other Australians. Because of “race”, all governments continue to deceive the Australian people by saying we cannot enjoy the same constitutional rights to own our ancient lands and waters as can all other Australians.

It is a choice, white people have accepted since the High Court case in 1985 which declared us to be a “race” separate from all other Australians because in the 1967 Aboriginal Referendum, our equality with all other Australians ended they thought because of race and being put into the Constitutional Race Power; where the Commonwealth parliament simply whenever they “deemed necessary” could pass racial discriminatory laws against Aboriginal Australians.

No one in white Australia has really complained.  The Native Title Act is lawful under the Race Power. All other legislation is considered also lawful under the “special measures” of the Commonwealth Racial Discrimination Act 1975.

Are all Australians, which includes multicultural Australians that gullible to continue to accept this a real law because of race?   Did not Reconciliation mean anything if all it wanted was to continue the same unlawful racial discrimination?  Murray George said all Australians should be asking for answers to these questions. 

In 2020, all Australian governments continue to hold out and say it can lawfully discriminate against Aboriginal Australians because of race. We say that this is a known fraud on the public and international world.

This fraud continues but will be challenged in 2020 by us.

Our peoples on our lands will not participate in this known unlawful fraud. We call on all other Australians to seek the truth. Then we can be the United Australia that Reconciliation has been working for, for so many years.

We may be a race as that word is understood like everybody else who now lives in our country. But we are Australian and will ensure that Australian laws treats us equally and not “because of race”.

In 2020, we will challenge unlawful racial discrimination because of race. Who will help?

Anangu Tjutangku Kulintjaku Nganampa Manta.

Murray George.


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