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Message to Australian and Commonwealth Governments

PY Law and Culture want to communicate with all governments openly and clearly.

Land Council have to understand that Traditional Owner, own the land. Supposed to be Traditional owner and the Land Council working together with the government.

Any problem happen, they have to bring it back to the community, and the community they can say Yes or No, because the main people is the community. when the Executive put the resolution, it must be after they talk with the Community Council.

That's why the Law and Culture never get the funding from the government, because the Land Council is blocking everything.

PY Law and Culture Council, is expert for every Law on the Land, we know everything.

Land Management or Anthropology can't tell liar, they have to come and speak with the community and Law and Culture Council. 

Now a lot of property been takin by APY Executive, because the leadership is no good.

And the Traditional Owner (Ngayulu Ngurarija) say "I am owner" and the Anthropologist say "I've got to take back to Traditional Owner".    


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