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Traditional Owners are Anthro themselves

The Law and Culture is own the land. And every sacred area for people on the land, it's owned by all the Traditional Owners, and out of that 10 or 20 or 30 Areas on the map, show that Law and culture own the land. We know that the Land Council is causing problem, we can't keep it like that. And the Land council APY, they have to work for only, for Land Council only. And this year we can't use white man Anthro and Land Management and No More talking to the independant people in the community. we're saying, we already Land management and Anthro, we know very well, we know very well with all the Traditional Owner, and we gotta go back. We gotta say, the Executive, no longer to be working through with the real plan. Also people have to to understand, this our land and we got to do it ourself, we not talking under the white man law.

this is Man's Law, under the Law and Culture

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