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Anangu Tjutaku for Homeland and Community

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This business. it for man only, not for women, not for tjitji. Man, about 35 or 45 he not really a Lawman, he half. Some of man, they have been gone through the law. they know very well. South from APY to the western australian border, from Coffin Hill right up to Mukumba station(other side Oodnadatta. This Law it's not for people from Maku Dreaming, and Perentie Dreaming. We people from Fregon, we owner this Law, it's the Top Law. Any man can say I'm a Lawman, but South from Fregon, This Coffn Hill law say  "Your'e not a Lawman". Before the APY started , that Law was there, Number 1. And in all other Law on APY Land, they are 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 Class, that's all. Out of every Law, women is not a part of this Culture, only man is a part of this Law.

Any chichi can't make a plan through with ou law

richard king

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