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Anangu. Tjutangku. Kulira. Nintiringkutjaku.

The money has to come to the community council like before. Maybe... I'm a bit worried about it, because when we put in, the government and the Commonwealth, they already done, or must be minister for aboriginal affairs maybe already signed the contract for money to go past, for funding to go direct, through round the back door, for prime minister and cabinet , should be through aboriginal affairs and used to be secretary? helping people at aboriginal affairs, like ATSIC you know?

All the white people on the land have to go away. They are misused, Commonwealth government misused funding, wrong way, and only employ white people. That money is earmarked to aboriginal affairs, on the land for Anangu.

The money has to come straight to community council, not APY, RASAC or other organizations.


All the Tjilpi have to act on their law, clear out all the executive member and the general manager and the  director, we got to do it ourself, we don't want to ask the government, lawyer got to write a letter and say no these people got to act on their law, no more, there's no more from now on.


Because we own the Heritage, we own the culture, not the land council. And every Law from the land is run by the local people, because we expert, not anthropologists, not land management.

Robert will be talking about funding, we want the funding to come through to the community, because there's a lot of problem happening with the land council, and we never get away with the executive you know. And we can ask, Land Council have to step down, or they can out. Money side is a problem for land council, and all these people, executive saying these are talking from outside, wiya, we not from outside we from inside and we seen with the two eye these people are undertaking from us, the executive.


With the Heritage, we want to put, give us back, and we can get the funding through with the Heritage for Law and Culture.

We gotta say this is not a first time we talk about Heritage, that's their Law, their Culture, APY they got a lot of Heritage on the ground and everywhere you know.

Number 1, we have to ask new minister, APY got finish, for this APY business there's a lot of problem for APY. Cause all these executive member they're not really talking for people, they're supporting Richard King, for money business.


APY gotta step down , and community council got to get all the funding for CDEP, all that, municipal service, everything got to come through community council, RASAC and the other white people they got to go.

Cattle business for people leasing the cattle in the land, that's up to the people, not the General manager telling what to do, he already spent a lot of money, and that cattle money is not there now.


*mans business

*womens business

*young peoples business

Looking after Rockhole, story, looking after a lot of things in the land.


1, community business, funding for the community.

2. Heritage got to hand it back to us, and Law and Culture got to get their own Corporation

2. We waste a lot of money from the land council, and we want to pull him down, or we can say step down.

3. Ask Law and Culture to be have a determination for everybody, and what minister said, minister Marshall told me is, that's up to the aboriginal people,  but people not doing a job, because they might be thinking, he might be talking about the executive, not the executive, he talking about the T.O. and all the other members, they got to do something before the power goin away from the community and a local people.


FIRST TIME  we've had a bad general general manager working on this land, and he telling what to do all the council


People got to understand first law from the land and we got to work both way and young people have got to understand this is the best law we got, Anangu Law, you know. And government law is a little bit of a funny one you know, not good things for people you know, and make it a lot of young people weak and they are thinking this is a law, no this is not a law. from land we got to be say, our law is this one, and that's why we're going to pull the thing down,  the executive or the general manager,  so the lawyer has got to say, that's their land they can do it what they like it they can act on Their Law if executive not doing their job.

 registered already on the rock and on the body from Everyman and from the women's, that's the law is connection to ..... in the body..... the whitefella law is written down on the paper, months and the date, and that's a game for white people to play game. We never play a game with our law, Palya. It's not only a little one it's a big big one, I'm talking about it 10 10-year plan or more than that, and when everything come good everybody from the other side everybody going to see these people still alive with their language and their culture and family in law brother-in-law all those things are still alive and we speak language and we respect our law.  but white man's way is a game like a funny show you know.

We're talking about our right, and that's we got the land what the government give us funding straight to our community. And got to get the corporation for our law to you know. In our law women is not in charge, the man is in charge under their law and that law is there forever. When they put the young people through the business, that's connection to the law and the next to next one and the next to next one. Not only one law is about millions and millions of story across the land not only our mob but western australia northern territory and south australia we”re still alive with the language between way using english that means it takin' our power down.


Ayers rock is relation to all the Yankunytjatjara people, Loritji, Pitjantjatjara and Ngatjatjara, the law is connection to there. And Ayers Rock, and APY Land, they are part of Anangu TjutaKu Law. Because of central land council has got nothing because those people not using their law they should be understanding the first place and say " no we not agree with all these things" so the land council is taking all the power from the people you know, money business minerals all the mining business land council take them not the community council takin the power, we given the outside people.


Robert will be talking about the money business.

The funding business have to come back to our community not the organisation.

So we got to write that one, tell them that it's got to be run by the community council. And whatever we got it in the land there's a lot of white people running around in APY land, those people got to go away.

The heritage belongs to local people not for executive this is for local people it's not land council

South australia has already been paying games, Anangu Tjuta you know, and put a Heritage one side, Native Title, they put em to the minister.

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